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Better Grades in Less Time teaches you the six most important study skills in depth, and culminates in you designing your own custom study skills system by following the same SMITH RIVAS methods that work for students at top universities.

The 36-page Study Skills Handbook makes it simple, and the 40 video lessons make it fun.

If you can think of anything you'd rather do than homework, you'll love Better Grades in Less Time.

What will you do with better grades in less time?

Motivation & Time Management

Work smarter, not harder (unless it's really necessary).


Reading & Notetaking

Summarize every lecture and reading to make sure you know it before it gets hard.


Tests & Papers

Make great study guides so you can quiz yourself before the test and be ready to do big papers or projects.


Taught by Study Skills Specialist Paul Smith Rivas

Course instructor Paul Smith Rivas, author of This Book Will Not Be on the Test, will lead you through his 36-page Study Skills Handbook in 40 video lessons.
You'll do the exercises and create your own custom study skills system that will get you better grades in less time.
Paul created SMITH RIVAS Study Skills & Academic Coaching in Washington DC in 2014 to teach students how to get better grades in less time, and has taught his study skills system to students around the country of all levels, abilities, and interests.
Now you can take his proven 6-hour course at your own pace and at your convenience.

Bonus points if you can spot Barry the Study Dog in the course videos!

Nationally Recognized Expertise

As college costs continue to soar, it has become even more important to get the most out of your time on campus. You can get on top of your schoolwork, participate in rewarding extracurriculars, and prepare yourself for an exciting post-college life by following the steps in this smart, practical book.

–Daniel H. Pink, author of WHEN and DRIVE


Paul Rivas has a gift for understanding what it takes to unlock a young person’s academic potential. In this book is his invaluable guidance for every type of learner: something every college-bound student, and their parents, should read.

–Judy Woodruff, The PBS NewsHour


Every kid who wants to be a college athlete should read this book.

–Ryan Spilborghs, former Major League Baseball player


Paul Rivas takes research about how people learn and translates it into effective practices that students can implement and use to succeed in their classes.

–Stephen L. Chew, Samford University Psychology Professor and Chair


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